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Welcome to Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic

At Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic, we understand that comprehensive accuracy is paramount when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of any neurological disorder. Our physicians are ABMS board certified, skilled and experienced in treating a wide variety of neurological conditions.

Their goal—and ours—is to provide you with nothing less than the highest level of neurological care in a truly state-of-the-art setting. We provide this to everyone requiring interventional pain management, spine surgery, or other neurosurgical need.

Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic now offering Mobi-C device artificial disc replacement procedures.

The minimally invasive TESSYS® approach is suitable for almost every kind of herniated intervertebral disc surgery when conservative treatment fails, when neurological signs progress, and in the event of acute cauda equina compression.

Providing access to Full-Body MRI Scans, Precision Montage delivers Multiple Waveforms, all powered by Illumina 3D. No longer compromise Pain Relief for Full-Body MRI — Precision Montage MRI couples the most advanced programming proven Illumina 3D to provide excellent pain relief and Full-Body MRI.


New at Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic

The Jazz Lock™ is an innovative spinal fusion system designed for a posterior (back) approach instead of an anterior (front) fusion approach.

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Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic

Jackson Neurosurgery is proud to bring the addition of Coflex® solutions to the Jackson Metro area.

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Neurosurgery Clinic in Jackson, MS

Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic now offering Mobi-C device type procedures.

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Blog Posts

A message for Brain Aneurysm Awareness

  Thank you for your constant support and vigilance to raise awareness of this deadly disease. The Brain Aneurysm Foundation and Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic Visit the Brain Aneurysm Foundation for more information.  

Up to date with vertebral augmentation

    Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic's Dr. John Adams, DO recently completed a course on Vertebral Body Augmentation. Working with the DePuy Institute allows physicians the opportunity to connect with healthcare professionals from all over the globe and participate in...

Committed to Ongoing Education

To complement the 20 plus types of neurosurgery procedures in Doctor Adam Lewis’ repertoire, he recently completed training in the sacroiliac (SI) joint fusion/iFuse course. This cutting-edge technique is a minimally invasive fusion technique for the sacroiliac joint. What is the...

Adam Lewis: Helping Drive Medical Innovation

In 2005, a group of medical professionals with a shared vision to provide quality medical products at a reasonable cost founded Spinal USA. Shortly thereafter, Adam Lewis joined the Spinal USA Board in 2006. Recognizing the tremendous value Spinal USA brought to the marketplace,...