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The Jazz Lock Cervical Spine Fusion System

Congratulations to neurosurgical spine specialist Dr. Adam I. Lewis, for being a pioneer in the field of cervical spine fusion.

Neurosurgeon, Adam Lewis, Neurosurgery

Adam I. Lewis, MD, FAANS,  Board Certified Neurosurgery


Dr. Lewis is the first spine surgeon in the state of Mississippi to utilize the Jazz Lock™ cervical spine surgical fusion system. developed by Implanet.


What is the Jazz Lock™ System for Cervical Fusion?

The Jazz Lock™ is an innovative spinal fusion system designed for a posterior (back) approach instead of an anterior (front) fusion approach.

This advancement in spinal surgery is a temporary implant.

The Jazz Lock™ is a bony anchor designed to provide temporary stabilization of the spine for bony fusion or consolidation of a fracture.

Jazz Lock™ is designed for a posterior approach.

According to the Neurowave website,  indications for use include the following applications:

  • Spinal trauma surgery, used in sublaminar, interspinous or facet wiring techniques;
  • Spinal reconstructive surgery, incorporated into constructs for the purpose of correction of spinal deformities such as scoliosis, kyphosis and spondylolisthesis;
  • Spinal degenerative surgery, used as an adjunct to spinal fusions.


What are the Advantages of the Jazz Lock™  Spinal Fusion System?

  • Some of the benefits of the Jazz Lock™ spinal fusion system in clude the fact that it contains no metal in the spinal canal. This is helpful because it allows spinal imaging with MRI or CT scan without metallic artifact disrupting images.
  • A second benefit of the Jazz Lock™ cervical fusion surgery system is that is simple and fast in comparison to some other cervical spine fusion devices.
  • A third advantage of the Jazz Lock™ spine fusion system is that the bone/implant interface band made of woven polyester material adapts to the shape and surrounds the anatomical structures.

Variations of the Jazz Lock™ are available for the cervical spine, thoracic spine, and the lumbar spine.


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