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Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic: Bringing Help and Hope to Uganda

January 11, 2018

Jackson Neurosurgery  Clinic’s Dr. Adam Lewis recently completed a transcontinental medical missionary trip with Onbelay Medical to the central African nation of Uganda in which he brought world-class expertise in neurosurgical skill and training to a region with limited resources and desperate need.

A team of On-Belay employees and surgeons traveled to Kampala, Uganda to partner with local surgeons at Mulago Hospital, African Renewal Ministries and Wentz Medical Clinic to perform over 25 desperately needed complex spine and orthopedic surgeries.

Over the course of 10 months, On-Belay Medical worked with many of the company’s suppliers to gather donations of spine implants and instrumentation.  These valuable supplies are scarcely available in Uganda. The equipment and supplies were transported on a container ship in April to prepare for the team’s arrival.

The week was spent collaborating, teaching and performing surgeries that uncommon in Uganda because of the limitation of the facilities and necessary resources. The long-term goal of both teams is to develop an on-going partnership between On-Belay Medical and the healthcare professionals in Uganda.

The resources and facilities were far from what he was accustomed to in state-of-the-art American operating suites.  However, he along with the rest of the team of American and Ugandan surgeons, medical doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers were able to evaluate and bring life-saving help to many citizens of Uganda as well as international refugees fleeing war-torn South Sudan.


Here is a photo of the entire team outside of the healthcare facility.

 This is the hospital where patients were brought for evaluation, surgical treatment, and recovery.

Makeshift Clinic in Refugee Camp

Interior of a Ugandan Ambulance

Although the facilities and equipment were much more rudimentary than we are used to hearing the United States, the team of medical missionaries and dedicated Ugandan health professionals were able to bring a level of care that was able to change and save lives.

 Dr. Adam Lewis consulting and teaching Ugandan surgeons and medical doctors regarding one of the neurosurgical cases.

Dr. Adam Lewis Preparing to evaluate an incoming patient.

Dr. Adam Lewis reviewing spinal images with the medical team to plan the best surgical solution for one of the patients.

Note from a team member reporting good news of a refugee patient that was recovering well following Dr. Adam Lewis providing needed equipment and surgical skill to accomplish a brain surgery saving the man's life.

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