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Why choose Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic?


With over 50 years of combined medical experience, you can rely on our physicians to be among the best in their areas of expertise. This experience showcases their ability as the best brain and back surgeons in the area.


Our brain and spine clinic in Jackson, ,MS puts the focus on you, the person, as well as you, the patient, by providing personalized, collaborative care uniquely suited to your situation.

Cutting-edge Technology

Utilizing the latest in technological innovations ensures that you receive cutting-edge care in the form of minimally invasive procedures and treatments from our spine and brain specialists.


Because we don’t believe that a company should determine the kind and quality of care you receive, Jackson Neurosurgery works with all types of insurance so that money doesn’t have to be an issue. Everyone deserves to see the best back surgeons available!


We strive to meet national quality benchmarks in the care of our patients for no other reason than because they deserve the best from our brain and spine clinic in Jackson, MS. Our physicians are always eager to talk about your case—and we also offer a unique Patient Education experience to keep you up-to-date on your condition and possible treatment paths.

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