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How do you know if you have a pinched nerve?

What is a  Pinched  Nerve? The term “pinched nerve” is used to describe the condition when a nerve is being  compressed by the surrounding tissues What are some of the symptoms of a pinched nerve? Some signs and symptoms associated with pinched nerves include changes in sensation...

Should I Get a Steroid Injection?

Cortisone Injections: What are they? Cortisone, also known as corticosteroid, shots are injections that may help relieve Inflammation and associated pain in various parts of the body. They're most commonly injected into joints-- such as your ankle, elbow, hip, knee, spine, wrist...

Mob-C vs. Fusion: What’s the Difference?

In this video, see the difference between a standard cervical fusion and the Mobi-C artificial disc. Find out more about this alternative to cervical fusion HERE.  

Leading the Way in Neuromodulation Technology

  At Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic we offer MRI compatible spinal cord stimulation for chronic neck and back pain as well as radiating arm and leg pain. Dr. Adam Lewis and Dr. John Adams provide a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to managing pain. Dr's Lewis and...

Drinking Coffee May be Healthy After All

It appears that moderate coffee consumption may be healthy after all. In a recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, coffee consumption is associated with an overall reduced risk of death. The study was published in the August 15, 2017 edition of the Annals of...

Can the Shape of Your Sacroiliac Joint Increase the Likelihood of Pain?

Sacroiliac Joint Pain Screenshot
Sacroiliac Joint Shape Research A recent study in Pain Physician studied the question regarding whether or not the shape of a person's sacroiliac joint can make a difference as to whether or not they have sacroiliac joint pain. Sacroiliac Joint Pain Sacroiliac joint pain is a...

Comparison of Transforaminal Epidural Injections with Conservative Management

  A recent study published in Anesthesia Essays and Researches in the January-March 2017 edition compared fluoroscopic guided transforaminal epidural steroid injections to conservative management in patients with chronic lumbar radicular pain. In this study there were 120...

How do they test for sciatica?

  Sciatica Sciatica is a general medical term that describes a set of symptoms. The symptoms include low back pain and radiating pain into the leg and foot along the course of the sciatic nerve. This pain may be sharp with tingling and numbness often associated with it....

Dr. Adam Lewis Advances Neuromodulation in Mississippi

Groundbreaking Neuromodulation Technology Adam Lewis, MD, neurosurgeon at Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic recently implanted the first Boston Scientific Precision Montage spinal cord stimulator system with a full-body MRI compatible paddle lead in the state of Mississippi. Full-Body...